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RPG Limit Break 2018

So this is Day… 3 of my little vacation to RPG Limit Break 2018, supporting NAMI in Salt Lake City, Utah. Been having a blast so far watching runs, playing board games, general socializing and the whole nine yards.

Shout out to to Co-Heroes of the Legendary Game: MetaSigma, DanTheGodOfThunder, Del, and BobTheNinjaGoldfish.

Also a shout out to everybody I’ve been bsing with, not limited to: DragonDarchSDA, ElMagUs, BOWIEtheHERO, Jenja23, Vulajin, Puwexil, EssentiaFour, Brosentia, DriftingSkies, Osey, WyrmTalon, and many many more.

Well, time to get back to it, and don’t forget to tune in!


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