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Valheim Modded

IP Address: Port: 20021
Password: Ask in Discord! If you don’t have access to discord, sorry.

REQUIRED MODS (Always assume latest version!) Warfare, Armory, and Monstrum (Magestar) To make Lox a little less useless (Magestar) More chests (Magestar) DEATH TO LAG (Magestar) Less painful skill loss (Magestar) (Bargrim) (Bargrim) (Bargrim) (Bargrim) (Bargrim) (Bargrim) -Added 5/21 – (Ryu) (Bargrim) (Bargrim) (Bargrim) -Added 5/22 – (Ryu) (Ryu) (Bargrim) (Bargrim) (Bargrim) (Ryu) (Bargrim) (Bargrim) – OdinShip has been removed due to incompatibility with newest version of Valhiem

  • Added 6/13 -:
    • -This is to replace the failed OdinShip mod, hopefully it’ll work. 🙂
  • Removals! 6/18
    • Removed: Teleport Everything (Not updated)
    • Removed: ValWeed (Not Updated)
    • Removed: OdinShipPlus (Causing crashing because I’m not paying for it!)
    • Removed: PlanBuild (Causing weird bugs, may be re-introduced later)

Additionally you’ll need their requirements of BepInEx and Jotun.
Recommend the use of a mod manager as well such as r2modman or the Thunderstore Mod Manager.

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