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Valheim Modded

IP Address: Port: 20021Password: Ask in Discord! If you don’t have access to discord, sorry. REQUIRED MODS (Always assume latest version!) Warfare, Armory, and Monstrum (Magestar) To make Lox a little less useless (Magestar) More chests (Magestar) DEATH TO LAG (Magestar) Less painful skill loss (Magestar) (Bargrim) […]

DesktopINI Maker

This little app was created when I was building my local GOG Repository and wanted to set Icons for all of the folders. Since the repository was being hosted on a Linux based Operating System, the standard way of making a Desktop.ini wasn’t possible and several various attributes needed to be set. Its a pretty […]

RPG Limit Break 2018

So this is Day… 3 of my little vacation to RPG Limit Break 2018, supporting NAMI in Salt Lake City, Utah. Been having a blast so far watching runs, playing board games, general socializing and the whole nine yards. Shout out to to Co-Heroes of the Legendary Game: MetaSigma, DanTheGodOfThunder, Del, and BobTheNinjaGoldfish. Also a […]

Final Fantasy XII Rando Job Tool

The Final Fantasy XII Rando Job Tool was a little project a friend asked me to make, so they could pursue a run like the Final Fantasy V Four-Job Fiesta. This is the GUI Version coded in C#, not going to upload the console version unless requested. Source Code: FF12RandoJobGUI

Grovewood Log Bot

The Grovewood Log Bot is a C# IRC bot, that uses MetaBuilders IRC Library to handle most of the IRC Functions. The original version was using an IRC Library that I was building but decided this was easier than reinventing the wheel. If you make any changes, please let me know. Features DokuWiki support, will […]

Journey of Dragons – The Campaign

Journey of Dragons is a 5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons Campaign, hosted on Fantasy Grounds on Friday nights between me and some friends. While I’m not going to make access to the game public, I will occasionally post logs in the novel format as I get them done. 🙂